When Is The Best Time To Sell A House?

Kim Knutzen September 23, 2023

Homeownership is a beautiful journey. Each home has stories to tell – tales of laughter, love, dreams, and growth. Yet, there often comes a time when homeowners must decide to move on, transitioning from one chapter of their lives to the next. It's during these times that the pressing question arises: "When is the ideal moment to sell my house?" While various factors can influence this decision, one crucial aspect is the timing. According to ATTOM, you can sell your home for thousands of dollars more in the spring and early summer than in the winter. Armed with such knowledge, let's delve deeper into this topic and help you discover the best time to make that significant move.

Best Months to Sell

The real estate market, much like nature, has its seasons. Just as flowers bloom in spring and leaves fall in autumn, certain months have proven to be more fruitful for selling homes than others. To provide a clearer picture, let's take a look at a detailed analysis of the sales of single-family homes and condos from 2011 to 2021.
Month Median Sales Price Median AVM Seller Premium
May $208,273 $185,000 12.6%
June $217,703 $196,702 10.7%
July $219,900 $200,000 10.0%
April $202,000 $185,000 9.2%
March $197,500 $181,283 8.9%
September $215,000 $199,214 7.9%
February $188,500 $174,666 7.9%
August $215,700 $200,000 7.9%
December $213,564 $201,000 6.3%
January $187,000 $176,040 6.2%
November $213,300 $201,000 6.1%
October $210,375 $200,000 5.2%
From the data above, it's evident that the warmer months—specifically May, June, and July—have consistently been the top performers when it comes to achieving a higher selling premium for homes. The gentle embrace of spring leading into the vibrant days of summer presents an opportune window for sellers hoping to get the best price for their cherished abodes.

However, it's essential to remember that while data provides a reliable guide, personal circumstances and local market conditions also play a significant role in determining the ideal time to sell.

Navigating the Seasons of Home Sales

Embracing autumn's allure in the housing market

The aroma of spiced pumpkin, the rustle of golden leaves, and the mild nip in the air – autumn brings with it a unique charm. For many homeowners, it also presents an opportunity to sell a house. The fall season, just before the busy holiday season kicks in, can be the best time to sell. With school in session, there might be fewer home tours, but the buyers out there are often serious about sealing a deal before winter sets in. The local market may show a drop in new listings, giving home sellers less competition, and a potential edge to fetch a higher price for their property. It's a season when the warmth of a home can genuinely attract buyers. However, remember to keep your property in tip-top shape, ready for those discerning house hunters.

Winter's embrace in the housing market

Selling a house during the frosty winter months might seem counter-intuitive, given the conventional wisdom. While it's true that winter sees fewer buyers shopping, the ones that do brave the cold are typically very motivated. Winter buyers, often driven by necessity or significant life changes, are looking for a quick sale. Moreover, if mortgage rates drop, as they occasionally do during this period, buyer demand can spike. A benefit to selling in winter? Fewer homes on the market mean less competition, potentially allowing for a successful sale at or even above asking price. And while the holiday season can be hectic, a festively decorated home can resonate emotionally with potential buyers, making them envision their own dream home.

Welcoming the vibrancy of spring in home sales

Spring: a time of rejuvenation, blooming flowers, and, quite often, the best time to sell a house. As the warmer weather rolls in, so do many buyers. Historical trends show a surge in home sales during the early spring months. Many buyers, buoyed by tax refunds, are in top financial shape, and the rise in new listings means more choice. However, more choice also means more competition. It's essential for home sellers to lean on their real estate agent's expertise, ensuring their home stands out and fetches the best price.

Summer: The golden glow of the housing market

The radiant summer months can be a mixed bag in the local housing market. On one hand, summer, especially early summer, often witnesses a continuation of the spring's peak market conditions. The school breaks mean many families are looking to buy and settle before the new school year begins. This urgency often translates to homes sold at a higher price, and sometimes more quickly. However, as late summer approaches, especially as school starts, there can be a noticeable dip in serious buyer interest. Yet, the season's vibrancy, the longer days, and the general upbeat mood can still work in favor of those looking to make the most money from their home sale.

Finding Your Moment: Selling in Peak Market Conditions

The Heartfelt Hustle of Selling in a Buyer's Market

A buyer's market often paints a picture of numerous homes eagerly waiting for their new owners, while potential buyers saunter through at their own pace, meticulously choosing their dream home. For home sellers, this can be both a challenge and an opportunity. The essence lies in understanding the buyer's pulse. While there might be many homes on offer, there are also many buyers searching for their perfect match. This is the time to showcase your home's unique charm, its whispered memories, and its promises of future stories. In a buyer's market, it's more than just selling a house; it's about connecting emotionally, ensuring your home resonates with potential buyers, making it stand out in their heart amidst the myriad of choices.

Riding the High Tide: Selling in a Seller's Market

When the tables turn, and it's the buyers eagerly vying for the attention of the few homes available, that's the golden glow of a seller's market. This period can feel like a serenade, where every open house might bring in a flood of hopeful house hunters. While this sounds ideal, it also comes with the responsibility of discerning the best offers. In these peak conditions, your home isn't just brick and mortar; it's a dream eagerly sought by many. And while it's tempting to simply go for the highest bidder, it's essential to ensure a smooth real estate transaction, considering factors like buyer's financial shape, contingencies, and the emotional fit. After all, handing over your cherished space should feel right, in every sense.

The Silver Lining: Selling When Mortgage Rates Drop

The world of real estate is intertwined with the rhythm of mortgage rates. And when they drop, it's like the first rain after a long summer - refreshing and filled with promise. Lower mortgage rates mean potential buyers find themselves in a better financial position to commit. This can lead to a surge in buyer demand, making it a strategically sound time to sell. 

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